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Types of Tests

An Overnight Sleep Study Polysomnogram (PSG)
A PSG is a test that is conducted in a sleep laboratory or hospital setting where the patient has to stay overnight.

Home Sleep Test (HST)
Also called an Out of Center Sleep Test (OCST) – this test is performed by using a device that the patient wears in the comfort of their own home. The patient is given instructions on how to use the device and will return it to the dispensing office for the report to be evaluated.

Test Results

Apnoea-Hypopnea Index (AHI)After completing your sleep study, your clinician will determine if you suffer from OSA based on three main factors:

  1. Oxygen Desaturation levels
  2. Respiratory Effort Related Arousals (RERA)

The doctor may also share with you a level of disease severity (mild, moderate or severe).

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“We just could not cope with the CPAP mask, so we looked around and found the solution with our local dentist, we are over the moon, so comfortable and no more snoring and my husband wakes up feeling fresher again – thank you so much Betty”

Betty Harrison

“We Now Have A Happy Household !! Yippee – Dad finally visited his local dentist and his treatment was fantastic. Almost immediately his sleep and snoring improved dramatically. I would recommend to anybody who has a family member with any sleep disorder to make contact”

Jessie Abbott

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